Helping children learn prayer and understand God

We are here to help young children learn the art of prayer.

Prayer in the home is so very important to achieve strong family values. Prayers of Grace will have a series of children's books. Our first book, "Grace & The Brown Bear Prayers", deals primarily with bedtime prayers and finding comfort in knowing we can talk to a God who loves us, anytime we feel the need, for any reason. Brown Bear even has paws that clasp together to pray with your child.


Prayers of Grace has been developed to help young children feel comfortable with prayer & talking to God. We believe this can be accomplished in two ways. First with interesting, fun stories for children that encourage prayer and second, with creative products that are packaged with the book. Our first creation, Brown Bear, has a simple rhyming verse embroidered on his tummy. The reason for the simple verse is to get across the message that children do not need to memorize some ritualistic prayer to communicate with God. We want a child to understand that all he or she needs to do is to say what is in their heart.

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